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Despite informative post above average funding, Delaware students underperform students nationwide in many tests. An estimated 36.8% of fourth graders and 29.5% of eighth graders are proficient in mathematics, smaller shares than the 39.4% of fourth graders and 32.1% of eighth graders nationwide. Delaware is also one of just a handful of states in which reading scores among fourth and eighth graders have worsened over the past decade. 19. Nebraska > Per pupil spending: $13,982 (12th highest) > High school graduation rate: 88.9% (5th highest) > Pct. 3 & 4 yr. olds enrolled in preschool: 40.7% (15th lowest) Nebraska has a near nation-leading88.9% high school graduation rate, compared to the nationwide rate of 83.2%. While the state has a high rate of students successfully completing high school, it has a relatively low share of childrengetting a jumpstart on their education. Only 40.7% of three- and four-year olds are enrolled in preschool, compared to a national share of 47.0%.

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